We have all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, a single image could provide the foundation of your marketing strategy. The impact of a well designed series of images will provide a clear message to your potential audience, and raise the level of value and trust for your clients.

Whether you have a new business, or need to freshen up your marketing strategy, KDG will work with you to design a customized concept that will set your business apart.

First Kathryn will consult with you to determine what  your business is all about. Together you will design a shooting strategy which can include your staff, interactions with clients product development, location photos, scenic surroundings… anything you need. In the end, you will receive the photography products that will but your business’s best image forward.

Options such as display photographs for interior decor and trade shows, printed media, or digital files for individual use.

All projects are custom designed and quoted on an individual basis.

Contact Kathryn to start your consultation.

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