Nice to Meet You.


Photo of Kathryn

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website. Let me tell you a little about myself.  I live on a large property outside of Nelson, BC with my husband and two black cats – Ymir and Diablo. We have a large garden and though the weeds get out of hand (not my favourite thing to do), the yummy organic veggies make it all worth while. When not behind the camera, you will find me outside, preferably doing something sporty. The Kootenays offer a wonderful year-round playground to hike, bike, ski, … the list goes on. I love sharing fine wine with good friends, a fresh espresso, decadent food and chocolate. Ooooh, Chocolate! We are so good together.

While I take my photography seriously, I love to have fun and encourage my clients to relax and have fun. Sometimes I get a little silly during a shoot – it’s great for spontaneous smiles. I can also get excited, and have been known to jump up and down when we get a great shot.

But What about Photography?

Well, my family was always into taking photographs. I have myriads of albums full of point and shoot snapshots! Remember those old albums with the plastic “magnetic’ pages. The kind that loose their stick after 10 years? oops, I am dating myself. Anyway,  in my third year of university, I bought my first SLR camera and enrolled in a photography course. It was so cool! It was magical! We did all of our work with black and white film, which we developed by hand before printing our own work in the darkroom.

Since then, I have been lucky to incorporate photography into my various jobs since University – ski photographer in Banff, Alberta, Freelance Writer at large, and Active Travel Tour Leader on a world-wide mission – to name a few. Photography played second fiddle, but it was nice having the creative outlet to balance my other responsibilities.

Now I am enjoying photography full time. I opened a studio in downtown Nelson (619B Front Street), where I shoot  headshots, products and artworks made by local entrepreneurs, and portrait artistry.  I love playing with light in the studio, but I also love to get out and  photograph people on location doing the things they love.  I balance my human photography with equestrian works. Capturing images of riders in full flight over a jump or vaulting in the air above a cantering horse is challenging and exciting.

Best of all, I love capturing connections – the connections between people, between people and their environments or their passions. Look deep into an image. What do you really see? That is the message that draws me to photography, and what I strive to share with you.

My home is now in a little hamlet near the city of Nelson, British Columbia and I will travel throughout the Kootenays and beyond to ply my trade.

Contact me to book a session. I look forward to meeting you.


“Your photos are beautiful and spectacular. They not only capture the love between Jeff and Dustin but also the love that everyone there has for these two special and wonderful people. This love shines through your photos.” Louise, Mother-of-the-Groom, Nelson, BC.