I am so happy that you dropped by. Before choosing a photographer, it is important to find out if they will be the right fit for you. So, here is a little more information about me:

Philosophically speaking….

 The mountains  of the West Kootenays is home to wilderness, small towns, thriving wildlife and amazing people. It’s a place where “20cms” means half the town will hit the ski slopes before work and no apologies needed if a business opens late.

Not everyone is sporty, of course. The "Koots" is home to an amazing array of creative artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, tech nerds, alternative medicine practitioners, professionals and independent souls.

Like my neighbours, I have come for the lifestyle; and I believe that we should all take advantage of why we live here and incorporate those opportunities into our business and personal activities. Lucky for me, photography is an amazing passion that works for both. It allows me to explore my environment, capture beautiful moments, and help entrepreneurs leverage the Kootenay lifestyle by creating professionally crafted photographs to showcase their businesses.

This means that our initial meeting could take place at your office or in my studio, but could just as easily happen while hiking up Pulpit Rock, on the Chairlift at Whitewater, or the gardens at Oso Negro Café…

It also means that outside of office hours, I am usually disconnected from my devices, so if you contact me a weekend you likely won’t hear from me until the next business day – but I will definitely get back to you.

Tucked away on the second floor of a non-descript building at 619 Front Street, is KDG Photography Studio – my home away from home, office, and creative space. I love doing creative portrait work and getting experimental with lighting, clothing, hair, makeup and props. Creative photography allows my portrait clients to tell their stories, reveal an alter ego, or simply celebrate who they are. These sessions are also useful for entrepreneurs to tell their stories and connect with their clients.

Outside, I am equally excited when capturing a skier bursting through a curtain of powder, a bear walking through my yard, or dazzling yellow leaves against the azure blue of a fall sky.

While I take my photography seriously, I love to have fun and encourage my clients to relax and do the same. I get excited during sessions and have been known to jump up and down when we get a great shot.

As a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) I am proud to be one of a few Accredited Professional Photographers living in the West Kootenays. PPOC provides support, education, and growth for Canadian Photographers; and, by hiring an accredited member, you can rest assured that you are working with a photographer who is sworn to high standards of professional conduct and is recognized for their photographic skills. Membership  also allows me to give back to the photographic community. As a Board Director and Chair of Education for PPOC British Columbia, I am honoured to help provide education, networking and social opportunities to our community throughout BC.

So what can I do for you? Please contact me today and let’s chat about you and put together a photography plan that is just right for you.

Life is an awfully big adventure …

Here is a little bit more information about my photography as well as some useful tools to help you get ready for your photo session.